Forum Thread: How to Hack Like a Hacker

Please note this article is for those who have intermediate skills and are looking to expand those with real hacking practice in a structured environment with lesson plans and homework. After completing this course I am confident that you will have the skill to begin the move into full hacker status.

In keeping with my goal of posting information and things i am doing from noob to become a hacker I wanted to share this site with you all.

Couple of check points to make sure you have before attempting the lesson plan on this site.

Basic coding skills, ruby or perl (hopefully your working on the information found in my article

and are working with codeacademy.
some html skills, those will improve as you work through the lesson plan.
Vm of your choice and a full understand of how to setup a lab,

Alright are you ready for it? I am about to post it!!!

When you access the site you will see in the upper right corner a tab for boot camp. Go there, skip everything else until you do all the lessons as the iso's and hacks listed on the page will be covered in a structured format giving you the tools and skills needed to solve the hacks in a step by step basis.

Trying to skip boot-camp and or any order of boot-camp will just cause you grief as your vm's will not be setup properly as each week of boot-camp builds upon the previous weeks.

While doing the above course will not make you a hacker yet, it will go a long way in giving you the skills to be one.

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Thanks man, its really a great site

Great article, just what I needed to understand how to setup a lab properly :)

i would like to learn hacking plzzzzzz help me out this

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