Forum Thread: How to Hack Online Android Games !!?

hey guys!!
i just wanna know what i should learn to hack an online games (database or anything..)
thanks for help! ^_^

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Hello there,

The answer to your question is that "Yes" because everything in this world one way or another is "hackable" but it might need some planning and time. Also if its a server based game then you first have to hack the server and then do what you want to with it.There are many great articles that you can study to do so. Hope this helps.


can u give me the link of those articles ?

I don't see why you would want to. If you are planning on giving yourself ingame money or items etc then they'll just ban the account that suddenly got 10 million coins :D. Also what games are you trying to hack? If the money etc is not server sided then you can edit the values with an app probably (don't have Android so I don't know)

no i dont want to play
i just interested to know how can i do that
and what i should learn to get better in that kind of haxing

I have never touched an android. However, when I had a jailbroken iPad there was an app that could edit values of pretty much everything on the phone. I would think that there would be the same for rooted androids you'd just have to look.

If you want to change how games run... I don't really know but learn what it's coded in and then somehow find a way to edit the code would be my best guess :/

Just doing a google search now, you might be able to install cheat engine to real time edit the values of a game

thanks but cheatengine works for offline games playing
i used that when i was 12
:D im looking for online hax

Then you'd have to hack the server

Maybe a programming language, system calls, or how the OS utilizes virtual memory.

How do i find the server of online games?

I have kali linux i watch a video on youtube hiw to hack server using kali linux.but it need the server of help me how do i find the online game server

Hi. So to hack it u need some help.

I'm not the best but I'm good so to hack online game u need root on android device to use app like game gardian etc. Thats it u can't use anything else. One other hand u can use pc and tike look at tool called net reflector u need to know how to use it, I think there is article about how to do the hole thing it depend on ur game if its online and do unlimited money u get ban but there is way around it "god mod, 1million dmg, massive defence, inf sp "the server won't detect that so u will be fine but use it under mod menu on/off so u can change ur stat from one to another.

I hope I could help u with this.

I'm glad to find useful comments on this thread. Thank you very much.

But If you don't mind, can you provide me with some links to get started, ex. that post you mentioned, download/info. links on those tools, anything at all that you think might help. I appreciate your efforts. Thanks in advance!

how i can contact with you ??

Can I do it without root

how to hack online virtual life. the game name is avakin life. i challenge all pf u now one ever can hack this game

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