Forum Thread: How to Hack OS X System and/or iOS System

I am a newbie hacker. All I've done is install Kali Linux on VM Vitural Box.

Now I'm trying to remotely install a keylogger into the OS X system (a MacBook), and do the same with an iPad running iOS.

Both devices are far away from me (I mean they're not connected in the same network with me).

So I want to ask for what article/tutorial I should read for doing that hack. I've read a lot of tutorial on Null-Byte, but I'm messed up since I don't know where to start.

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Welcome to Null Byte!

If you want to become a hacker, start with this article . It lays out a plan of study to become a professional hacker.

As for hacking OS X and iOS, you probably want to use Metasploit.


You would hypothetically probably want to do a privilege escalation against ( About 100/10 in difficulty though for you. Unless somebody made the msf module for it yet. Not sure though since it has a DNR attached to it.

Thank you two. And one more question, please:

I see in some old tutorial, you use BackTrack 5 as the weapon. So do I have to install BackTrack or just Kali Linux is enough?

Either will work, but Kali is the most recent release.

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