Forum Thread: How to Hack an Other Phone So I Can Turn Camera on Whenever I Want Even if Person Isn't Where I Am?

Step 1:

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"how to hack my boyfriend's phone"

Step 1:
Grow up and confront him if you cannot trust him, instead of getting controlling.
Step 2:
That's it. Be a better person.

It's really simple.
Follow steps here Link

Our notifications show "how to hack my boyfriend's phone..."
(Since you changed the title)

So, this is neither ethically nor legally right. I find it right under no circumstances and perspectives, and I shall soon justify it.

Justification 1: If I were the person you'd spy on, and I get it from anywhere (eg. Data Usage, Packet Analysis and GeoIP), then believe me, I'm not letting it go. Since I already know you well (probably...), this would be a decision that'll haunt you forever, that you shall regret but receive no mercy.

Justification 2: If you can not trust him, I doubt any amount of surveillance can smoothen the friction. How much would anyone let you spy on him, first? You'll already cross the lines like that.

Justification 3: You don't have infinite legal reach. And even if you did, a surveillance like that if does not yield results and is noticed, can lead you well into jail, or worse (read justification 1).

Now, if you still want to spy, the question that requires immediate attention is- are YOU worth it?

-The Joker

Can by done by sending a payload and setting a listener port.

so is it possible or not?

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