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Hey there !

Im not very familar with such advanced hacking. I searched a Lot but only found some ways using exe or URLs . But Hackers also can acess your Computer without using a exe or URLs. How they do that ? And are there any tutorials ? Where to start ? How is it called ?

Thanks for your time :)

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You can backdoor other files like rtf

Thanks for your answer !

Never heard of it. Are there any good tutorials ? Or examples ?

What you want is to initiate an attack from the network, without any vectors for the attack.

Target client side vulnerabilities.

Thanks !^^

Do this also work when I wanna gain acess to win7 Pc in network ? And are there any good tutorials ?

I wonder about the tutorials. Though it should work, but that isn't easy.

You might be able to find something to use
on a vulnerability database.

Learn to use hacking tools to begin with.


A DOS (Denial of Service) attack does not involve files or URLs because it is simply flooding a device with ping requests until it crashes.

Hanks for your answer !^^ But how to gain Access after the Crash ?

I am not sure how to gain access on a PC DoS, but if you DoS a WiFi Access Point, you can harvest the credentials of a user that automatically logs back on. You can look up how to do either of these.

If the target is a Windows XP/Windows Server 2003 computer, you can use the MS08-067 exploit without sending any files ...

Follow this for it :

Thanks ! The problem is that I want to penetrate a win7 computer :/

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