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Hello there I require some assistance. I want to hack my school server. Before you shoot me down as a lvl 1 newb, I would like you to know that I am a lvl 1.5 newb.

I have become an administrator on the local pc (local domain) through a kali live cd, but I want to become an administrator on the global domain so that I may troll my friends through remote desktop connection and shit.

I think I need physical access or something of the sorts. Perhaps a man in the middle attack ?

Any and all help is appreciated. You do not want to be spoon feeding nor will I learn being spoon fed and thus require just a nudge in the right direction. My interests are not malicious and if any additional information is required do ask. Thank you for taking your time to read this and thank you in advance for your help

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The server is not for any website or such, so no remote access is possible.

Done with my examinations so I don't want do it for the grades, but for the fun. Additionally, there is nothing on the server as everything is as a hard copy and there is limited focus on security,

erm....are you employed by the school to be a web admin for website/server?

If not, and you've somehow obtained admin rights without their approval, you might want to look into the legalities of this sort of thing.

also, keep in mind to not use any profanities (bad words) in your posts

I become an admin on a local machine not the server through kali.

Its not that serious an offence every machine's been hacked at least once and several other guys have their accounts with admin access but I repeat it is only on their chosen machine and their account can not be globally accessed. I want to make an admin account on the global domain.

@ Eats the World

Did some research, did some actions (became an admin on a local machine), but the thing there are methods such as grabbing the login details but the admin being my teacher isn't logged on during class.

I emphasize I do not want to be spoon fed and just require a nudge in the direction.
I know I must identify the hardware and os so will use kali tool for that , and then maybe use metaspoilt.

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