Forum Thread: How I Hack This Simple Poll

I am trying to hack this simple website poll with no security at all,
the only thing is my auto clicker code , is slow as it clicks, confirm and loads all again,
i get like less than hundreds per min,

Is there any way with coding i can query the button automatically and not load the page and them get many more "clicks" per min.

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You're talking about the "best band of 2015" aren't you?
I have voted over 100 times for One Direction.
You will manually reload the page each time and vote like the rest of us >:(

Oh and for the record, hacking website polls is a poor taste of ethics and usually get the person you bot for removed due to "cheating".

Err no, and im pretty sure this is not poor taste of ethics since the poll is open to vote many times as you want, you just need to do it faster than others. it's a php website.

Are you talking about

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