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Hack Through Port (Telnet?)

I've been here some time now butt I've been mostly focusing on Wifi and injecting backdoors solely by social engineering (physical access). However, I have set myself a task. I have a PC behind my router. I have the access to the router,and can forward any port. However I'm not so experienced in choosing vulnerable ports an exploiting them, So if you cold point me at a guide. I've tried to open 23, but when I connect telnet from my kali to the pc(running win8), it requires a password which I have no Idea where to obtain even though it's my pc...I've also read that port 445 is one of the most exploted ones. I'm sorry if I missed such guide.Thank you for your time!

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have you tried default passwords? like admin, administrator, user, password etc... ?

Yes I have, nothing works. If someone could help me out here and point me in the right direction so I can continue learning. Thank you.

Here's a link that will hopefully teach you how to brute force telnet, ssh, and ftp through hydra. All you need is a wordlist, and some time and you'll crack it!

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