Forum Thread: How to Hack a Website and Delete a Post?

Hello. I would like to ask your advice on the best way to hack a website and delete slanderous post. I tried using sql injection tool Havji but the website gives problems. I get following error:there is no input to inject.

When i tested website for sql vulnerability i didn't get sql error but the content of webpage disappeared. Any ideas what is my other option?

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Maybe the website isn't vulnerable.
You could test it with sqlmap.


I think you are limiting yourself here.
Your goal is to delete a post, right?
One way would be Social Engineering: Join that forum, be active, become Moderator, delete post.
But I admit that that way is too time-consuming.
A better option would be to spearphish a Moderator of that website and use his account to delete posts.

There are numerous other ways that could lead to your goal, reducing your options to SQLi narrows down your FOV.

And for a matter of ethics: Most hackers understand the Internet as a medium of free speech. I shouldn't care what you do in your spare time, still I don't like the thought that there is someone who uses his skills (probably aquired through Null-Byte) to enforce censorship, no matter how evil and vile the content of a post may be.

Indeed, this is the opposite of what hackers stand for.

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