Forum Thread: How to Hack a Website Server?

i really want to learn this, is there anybody here who can help me.

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You're seriously a tool. You expect people spoon feed you? Why don't you read a book. Asking for help how to hack a website is like asking how to fly a space craft without reading the manual before hand. You want easy work so you could impress your friends. I don't think you have real intention wanting to learn.

Eh. Could be someone who has no interest in actually learning, or maybe just didn't look. Either way, look around the site. There's a category of tutorials for this.

I tried searching for something like that i didn't find, my brother hacked my website using my ip and now i want to learn how to hack him back.. he said i can't learn because im a girl.. and i tried using weevely but there was no place for me to upload my shell, can you give me a link to read from?

First, try "nikto -h (URL)"

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