Forum Thread: How to Hack Wi-Fi Using Android Phone or a Tablet and External WiFi Adapter!!

Hi Null-byters,

We are much much familiar using our lappy or PC connected to an external Wi-Fi adapter and then place it in monitor mode to capture the packets and handshake which can later be decrypted using a proper brute force to obtain the password or using Reaver capture WEP enabled wifi's.

Now my question is.I had been doing that for a lot of months and now I want it to be taken to the next level I.e I want to use my tablet or smartphone(Rooted) to get connected to the external Wi-Fi adapter I know it's not that easy,I connected my adapter.TP-Link TL-WN722N Wireless USB Adapter to my tab- HP Voice Tab -7(Rooted) With Kali Linux it already,using an OTG as shown below.

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But I couldn't detect it in the IWCONFIG.Has it any thing to do with the power supply (As even the LED light is also not even blinking on the adapter).

I even tried using the PCAP Capture app on my tab and it is also not detecting any external dapters as shown in the below figure.

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How can I make the adapter to be able to get detected in my tab or else my phone(Micromax -Unite 2)which is also rooted and also has Kali installed.Sorry if i had said any thing wrong,i will correct it just with in your comment.Hope any of you might help,thanks in advance.

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Thanks for your advice Phoenix750, I had already read cluffy's detailed guide,but sorry to say I am just a student getting into programming world just now,not any android developer and had not tried my hands on any so far,and also my phone Micromax unite-2 and also my tab HP Voice tab-7 doesn't even have officiall cynogen mode ROM support not to be stooped with that my internet speed is just 2 MB/PS with an FUP of just 15 GB.So hope u understood my situation where in the present situation it's not possible for me to Build any kernal,and for Cluffy PCAP Capture worked fine even in the stock ROM its it's not even working for me in the my Rom ,so do you know any other way it would work....thank you again...

i want to hack wifi someone I have redmi 3s and dongle tplink wn722n.. please any one suggest me how to with this phone and dongle..

what we I should for hacking wifi though this 2 items.. pls help me..

Does it work for redmi 1s also?
after that process will i loose my data?

Charif Ben'd@ thanx charif but it is for Redmi note 3.. but i have redmi 4. so it is support to redmi 4 with this CM-13.0 Unofficial with integrated custom kernel.

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