Forum Thread: How to Hack Wifi Admin Id and Password

okay, so this is how it goes...

I am living in a rented home and recently my owner had blocked peer to peer sharing and other advance features through the router, I have finally decided to breach through their user id and password using "kali linux" , that's where i need help.

Please tell me a step by step way through this..
I dont know their username or password as well, but i have physical access to the router..
Here is the model number : "vodafone- SHG1500"
I really need to enable this to be able to download torrents and other peer to peer service .
Thanks :)

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That's easy to fix, ASK THE OWNER!

Not so simple, i have tried a lot but they dont want us to access p2p
for bloody no reason

Is it that Vodafone is pay as you go and the bill will go up as you p2p gigs of data?

You can use "brute force" method to find the router's password you're using in order to access it and change whatever setting you want.

You can use 'Hydra'

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