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I really need to know how to hack a WordPress website, i tried all i saw on Google and even the google dorks but till no luck. Can anybody help me out?

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It's just like any other site, but Wordpress sites have plugins which are often vulnerable. Use WPScan to find which plugins it's using, and to check if they have known vulnerabilities.

I have, the problem now is to exploit the vulnable plugins and enter the admin panel.

So what's the problem?

i found the vuln plugin but now i wanna enter the admin panel through that loop hole

Do some research on the vulnerability, and you might find a way online of exploiting it. Check out the CVE, and go to sites like

Ghostshark, you'll need to do a lot of digging to uncover the exact 'how to' and many times it is just no longer available. I would suggest and search wordpress there. Otherwise, using google search for 'PLUGINNAME exploit' or similar_

_Most hackers just study the code and can see how and why it is vulnerable.

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