Forum Thread: How-to Hack Wpa2 with WPS Passwords.

Hello Hackerz! Today I will show you how to use a tool I created to make hacking wifi easier. Make sure that the router has wps lock off and wps is on. Make sure bully and pixiewps in installed.

Step 1: Download Venom

To start we need to download and install Venom. Firstdownload venom from github. Next install it by typing, cd Venom/ sudo bash ./

After this you can start Venom by typing, venom in the terminal.

Step 2: Put your interface into monitor mode
Open a new terminal.

In order for the next step to work we need to put our interface into monitor mode. Since I am using a Raspberry Pi 3 with Kali Linux installed, I use a network adaptor which is called wlan1. Otherwise, it will likely be called wlan0. To see your interfaces type in iwconfig. Once done you can type, airmon-ng start name of interface. This will allow us to find the BSSID in the next step.

Step 3: Find the BSSID of the network

Next we need to scan the networks that our adaptor is picking up. To do this type in airodump-ng your interface and hit enter. Once the desired network pops up type Ctrl+C to stop the scan. Under CH is the channel number. Type in the same as last time but add -c channel number after it. Once the network pops up again, hit Ctrl+C to stop it.

Step 4: Find the command

Now that we have the Network's BSSID on hand we need to find the correct command, type in venom in the Venom tool and hit enter. The help screen will pop up and we will find the command and structure. In this case it is bp.

Step 5: Start the attack

Now that we have everything we need, we can start the attack. To do so copy the BSSID of the network and type, venom bp BSSID interface once done you should see the password.

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I am working to update the tool. If you have any comments on how to make this a better tool, you can feel free to comment or contact me at If you have a specific interest in a part of the tool and would like to add some source code, feel free to elaborate and let me check it out. I am grateful for positive feedback and improvement.

Hello. I have strong suspicion my former boss might have hacked into my Macbook air laptop while i was working in his business. I had found the program VM Fusion running on my laptop and my screen in complete grey. If i were logged onto to HIS wifi, is this possible? Could he operate my laptop from a remote device? Could he extract/copy incriminating evidence if i were to step away?

Yes, If on the same wifi as you he could have planted a remote device through packets that would have hacked your device and given him control. He probably used a payload with a virus and dropped it onto your computer.

How install venom with terminal?

How can I know is the router has wps on?

run the attack like shown and then if not on bully will say so

can wordlists used via cloud in hacking

i dont understand the question. can u be more specific?

This tool is awesome, great work you have achieved here.I,ll follow another related works.If you have another works you think I must look , let me know please, and once again excellent work, simple, easy and even user intuitive.

thank you so much. i will continue to update.

does zte f609 ap router vulnerable with this tool? because in my country almost every home wifi using this gpon ap router.

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