Forum Thread: Hacked Facebook.

I don't think this is the right place to ask.But i tried to search on google and none of what i wanted specifically appeared.Let's get to the point.

I have a friend that his whole gmail got hacked so ofc the facebook too.

The guys that hacked his facebook also took embarassing pictures and posted it on his own.What would you recommend me to do.If i talk with the supporters i don't think they would delete it?Or would they?

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4 Responses

If many friends report the account, they will take down the pictures and take appropriate steps. So you definitely should report the account.

well if that guy was able to hack his acc then he secured it probably.
report the acc until it will be halt down

go enter in the account name and click forgot password say you want to use email then enter in his email in that section it will have to confirm the email exists and not some other person's email enter in the code from the email and then just delete the photos/comments/whatever.

save the pictures first then report it

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