Forum Thread: Hacker Con Videos to Watch for a Complete Bigginer?

Which videos of DefCon, ShmooCon, BlackHat, Bsides Security BSides, CanSecWest, DerbyCon, Bruecon, CCC, ExcaliburCon, Nullcon, Kiwicon, Thotcon, Toorcon, PhreakNIC .. Should a person watch if he is a complete bigginer. Please Choose from the videos that are less than 5 years old. Thanks

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4 Responses

KITTEN is right.
Hope you have a nice day,Tor Khan.

He means guides, not series/movies.

Tor Khan, there isn't a clear starting point for this, but getting a hacking distro such as Kali in your computer (be it installed, in a VM or boot from a USB drive) is a really good start.

I will get new one.
August 11th(Kali 2.0).
Tor Khan,you can wait or downloading it now.
As KITTEN said,use iso to burn live system or on vm.
Hope you have a wonderful day.

After That(DAGONCHU)

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