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Hello guys.What was the main reason that you start hacking in the first place?How did you learn?What was the first thing you learn?

Let's hear those stories!

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Started with an absolute controlling obsession with making things do stuff they were never meant to do. Then understanding every single aspect of how and why it does or doesn't do that.

I always wanted to unlock more ability with my Wii, got started with Homebrew, and it went from there.

Started with an interest in coding and evolved from there.


I broke a leg and an arm, the hospital didn't have free WiFi so I did a research on how to hack it with my smartphone and ended up here learning how to hack it. Luckily the closest network had WPS enabled so I got it really quick. And... Now I want to learn more, knowing hacking it's like being a wizard in the real world.

(my first step wasn't too WhiteHat-ish but I had already been 4 months without internet there...)

i was a simple hobbyist programmer, then i learned by myself i could use code for some "fun" stuff. eventually i became really interested in coding for malicious purposes, especially in creating malware. then i read the book "Hacking: the art of exploitation" and then i began to search for hacking tutorials, then i ended up where i am now.


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