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What can i do if i have full acces to a wifi?
What is pineapple?
mitm vs metaspoilt?

What is a goodsmartphone for hacking?i was thinking about htc one m7. If i install an OS suite for hacking on an android phone,can i still use it for calling?

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MITM, spoofing, the options are countless.
A device/router aimed at hacking.
They are two differenti things, it depends on the situation.
Smartphone for hacking? One that supporta monitor mode and has a good processor...
I don't know if you can still use it, I guess so but I don't know...

Male sure there are hacking kernels for the one you are going to choose!

  1. pretty much everything you can do when you are connected to a LAN. MITM, traffic sniffing, etc... the security measures in a LAN (wifi) network are also low too (most people don't have firewalls on their PC itself).
  2. some kind of device that you can use to make evil twin AP's, etc...
  3. mitmf is for man in the middle attacks. metasploit framework is for exploitation. they are 2 different things.
  4. either one that has monitor mode support (the first Galaxy S has thanks to a project called bcmon). or OTG support so you can attach an external wifi adapter.
  5. yes. when you use Linux Deploy you can still use your android phone like an android phone. i don't know about Nethunter though. i think me or ciuffy will do a tutorial on tweaking an android phone for hacking soon, depends on who is first. but it will probs be ciuffy because i'm kind of busy at the moment :P

hope i helped


I guess so :-)

Galaxy S has it up to S3...
You man got very close to my future post with that OTG cable thing...
It's not entirely true, I'll show you give me some hours...

we're talking about bcmon right? i only tested it on my S1. i thought it was only the S1, S2 and 2 other phones which name i forgot about?

anyway, really looking forward to your tutorials on android! the info you will provide will be useful to hack the internet of things!

spoiler in there for a series i'm going to start soon ;).


· I've been trying to figure the same thing lately. There are some things to do with Wireshark, there are exploits with Metasploit that don't require social engineering (but I haven't tried yet), and I believe there's the possibility to make fake login websites (such as Facebook's) and auto-redirect the router to your localhost when someone types into their browser. Or you could try to get cookie sessions, that'd be more convenient.

· This is a PineAPle. If I lived in the US (or a country with no closed customs, I'd get one to give it a try.

· I've also heard the Nexus phones are great for hacking, if you can afford one. Personally, I own the less hacker-ish phone, a Lumia 720. As far as I know, they're not as vulnerable as iPhone's and Android's, but maybe that's because no one cared to exploit them yet :P

If you are on the LAN you can do whatever you are capable of. You are in a predatory mode since 9/10 times you are undetected upon first arrival.

It depends on why you wanted into the network in the first place. To get free wifi? To make new zombie friends. To gain personal info on the target. To spy on the users. etc.

I would theorize that you would want to see if logging is enabled on the AP. Use -o switch alot for hard copies. Then footprint the network and all devices connected to it. Look for pivots if needed/possible. That's enough of a rough idea.

Long story short I would just init 0 if I didn't know what to do and go back to the dojo.

I think for the phone you could use nexus 5 and one plus one as they support nethunter I think... ( personally I love one plus one)

As for the wifi.. as everyone said their are countless things... think of what u want to do and their is a 80% chanve it can be done :):)

Ill explain easily as easy language is what I know lol:):).. mitm is as its full form says u sit in the middle of user and internet and all things go through you... metasploit is for getting control of the pc... ex - with mitm u can spoof a passwors of user when he inputs in a form... with metasploit u can keylog him... or more easily u can extract the saved password list from his pc!! :):)

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