Hacking and You: Introduction

Hello, readers. Beginning today, I will be writing a small series of articles about the paths we have taken as hackers, hacker culture, and what it means in the grand scheme of our lives.

For those of you who are new or don't know me, I'm ghost_; a fairly regular and active member within our small community.

While it's fantastic that you're all hungry to learn the technical aspects of this highly specialised skill; I do feel it's important to know the non-technical aspects and hacker culture. OccupyTheWeb has written some fantastic articles about these non-technical aspects, but I feel we can really expand more and look at other things as well.

First, let's refine hacking into a short, easy to understand piece of information.

"Hacking is the skill of gaining unauthorised access to data in a system."

That is the quick few second summary of what we do. However, it goes far beyond that scope and I'm going to spend this series delving into what makes us tick and the large part hacking will play in our lives.

Next article: The Various Shades of Hackers.


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7 Responses

good one, I'll be waiting for more =)

Tough choice of series. I'll buy this definition, although i guess by and large it could also be the "pursuit of knowledge of how things work, so as to better manipulate their outcomes" as this would cover everything that we do, not just digital security


I did mention that we will be talking about hacking culture, that includes but is not limited to the hacker's mindset.


Just what we need, Make it happen. ;-) (Is it odd my favorite book is a technical manual?)

it's important to know the non-technical aspects and hacker culture,
Best word in this page..
I follow you and your articles every day and night..
The hacker culture is very important to know and to respect!
I'll waiting for your next articles! !

How about this one :

Hacking is the skill to FIND and EXPLOIT the gaping holes in any piece of machine instruction(Programs or operating system)

Well this is what i've understood about hacking (ofcourse from NULL BYTE) , almost every hack consists of a vulnerability and the exploit against a program or the operating system (which are ofcourse machine instructions only) to GAIN ACCESS(that's What you said).

Kinda scrapes the tip of the iceberg. That is a byproduct of what we do. So much more to us and you.

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