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Can you please recommend any books to get started into hacking/pen-testing. I know already some coding and basic networking so what books would you recommend for a complete beginner in hacking?

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metasploit: the pentesters guide
the hacker playbook
from there finding books will be as easy knowing what you want to learn.

"The Basics of Hacking and Penetration Testing: Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Made Easy" by Patrick Engebretson is very awesome.

Can recommend it to everybody.

It's pretty basic to understand the basics, if you have done this, then you can go into a specific theme more in detail.

1.Penetration testing: hands on guide by geogia weidman

  1. The tangled web
  2. web application hackers handbook

Hacking for dummies by Wiley publishers also available as a free

I agree with KingOfParadox, your best book to getting started is Hacking for Dummies, 5th edition, by Kevin Beavers. Note: the book is not just for beginners but i think intermediate and advanced hackers will also find it of interest (reference).

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