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So, recently my father has decided to block my internet access by setting a complete internet block for all mac addresses after 19:30 GMT on our bthomehub 5 (excluding those on a whitelist). So now I want to hack the bthomehub's admin password (which was changed by my father from the original) to put my phone in the whitelist. The problem is that the router is impossible to brute force as it only takes 100 connections at a time and then doesn't accept any more for about half to one hour afterwards. This means that the only thing which I can do is DOS attack my router which doesn't really change much as my father doesn't exactly care as all the devices which he uses are whitelisted. I have also tried using exploits but I have found none so far which suit my purpose. Also, he has grown wary of keylogging and I don't want to invest money into an expensive keylogger/spy software as he would find out anyway afterwards when looking at my bank transaction history. I am also not going to hack into my neighbour's wifi to get internet as I am unaware of how technically literate the 18 year old son of my neighbour is. Any help is appreciated.


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Instead, why not simply spoof the MAC address of those on the whitelist?

Thanks for the reply but I can't exactly do that with my ipad which means that I am still stuck. Also I currently don't have a pc to use as a relay for the signal which is therefore a nuisance for me. The only device which can mac spoof is my phone but it can't relay signals.

You can change the MAC address of your iPad if you are jailbroken and if you have Mobile Terminal installed. Open the Terminal and type:

> su
> nvram wifiaddr=_MAC_address_

Be careful though, I haven't tested it myself and I found that it can cause severe damage to your device if misused. You have been warned. The point was to show you that the MAC address on the iPad can, in fact, be altered.


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