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I have always wanted to find a way to hack/gain access to and android/windows machine without making a payload (Trojan inside an application) and sending it to the victim.

I just want a way to hack them without sending any type of files or even e-mails, just by the open ports in their devices.

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A payload is required no matter what exploit you choose. A payload is simply the malicious code that gives you access to the device. What you want to do is learn how to exploit a system. This requires software with a vulnerability that can be exploited to run remote code. If you only know the public IP address, a computer on that network would need to have a vulnerable program running though an open port with an exploit available. When the target is on the same network, it becomes easier as the software does not need to be running through a port. There are plenty of ways to try to learn how to exploit a system. One is to use a virtual machine that is running a vulnerable operating system designed for penetration testing. Another is to use a common exploit on an unpatched OS or program. You can find older versions of software on My first exploit attempt was MS15-100, though it still required user interaction.

but I heard some people does hack a windows system with their local ip without user interaction, using a specific port.
I want to know -at least- how to apply an exploit depending on the open ports on the victim machine.

Thanks in advance.

You did not understand me. Local hacking you do not go through an open port and you can hack without any user interaction but you must find the right exploit. My example of ms15-100 was simply my first exploit I was successful at and simply was just an example. Another exploit that requires no user interaction is Ms08-067. That is an XP only exploit however. If you want to hack a windows 7,8 or 10 you must find an exploit that works. FYI, it doesn't need to be a windows exploit. It can be a flash player exploit that when the user opens a web page, flash is exploited. That is why I gave a link to Old apps to find a vulnerable version of something like flash. I'm giving you help but I'm not going to do everything for you. Penetration testing is about learning how to do it yourself and it requires dedication and practice.

Thanks for your info, Penetration testing isn't that easy to learn, as you have to search every single thing all around the internet. Again thank you for the help.

use etarnalblue nsa exploit

ghadeer al ali
I'm going to post a tutorial soon on how to gain access to a local pc through the ip adress
but what you need to understand is
even when you're hacking "through the ip"
you are infact, sending a payload.

Sorry my knowledge is so basic in the keywords used between hackers, however what I meant is how can you actually hack a machine without user interaction. I will be waiting for your tutorial.

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