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Hello Everyone,

I wanted to first start off and say I am no genius "hacker", but I do have more than just a little bit of knowledge in the subject. I joined Null Byte today actually and wanted to post something to contribute to the community. Although I joined today I have been following the site for about a month now. I have come to love it and see all the great things it has to offer. I have also noticed somethings that are understandably frustrating.

Lets get started. First off what I want to talk about, is the magic that beginners think exist. On Null Byte alone I have seen a lot of post or questions regarding a simple application or program to download that'll hack a Facebook account with the click of a button. THESE DO NOT EXIST!!! If you're one of the people who post things like this you have probably gotten chewed up by someone. You may not understand why, but you probably mad someone frustrated. You have to put your self in their shoes. They have spent countless days on learning how to do what they do. They have read books, read things online, took notes, and even studied to be where they are today. Then all of a sudden someone who woke up that day and thought "Im gonna hack someones Facebook account" comes along and just begs for some magic so this can happen. You understand right? Don't just come around asking for things like this.

Okay now that I got that off my chest, one more thing. This can also be very frustrating to everyone using Null Byte, or any other forum. If you have a question on how to do something or how something works, look it up first. I can almost guarantee that the answer to your question is somewhere. If we all just ask the same question over and overlain it's a waste of your time waiting for and answer, and its a waste of someone else's time when they've already answered that question five times in the past hour! Now I am not saying don't ask questions, you wouldn't be able to learn otherwise. Also even though your question may have been answered its just still confusing, then ASK! What I am saying is don't go around asking how to hack WPA, 10 different times when there is a great tutorial on the website already.

Alright lets do this. Although this website has MANY tutorials on pretty much how to do anything. What good are tutorials if you don't understand what they are saying. I ran across a forum the other day and someone had asked what an IP address is and how to hack someones computer with it. Now again like I said we all start somewhere but that person doesn't know what an ip address is they obviously can't hack a computer. You need to sit down and take time to learn these things and get the understanding on how these things work. There are many free online courses such as:

They have a completely free interactive course to get you started with coding! If you actually fully put your mind into this, take notes, and practice coding can be fairly easy to learn. Now you're going to have to put time and effort still but if you do it will make it easier for you! Not only learning code but buying a book to get to understand the basics of computers. The "for Dummies" books have a great book on hacking. Yep you guessed it, its called "Hacking for Dummies". On amazon the book is 15.99. I would recommend actually buying a copy of the book so you can highlight and take notes better but if you don't have the money to spend there is a great pdf of the full book online at:

Although the book is online don't let that fool you! Still take notes, write down the words you don't understand or maybe can't pronounce write them down. Study your notes and those words you'll be on your way.

After you've studied you can start small. Learn more basics of hacking. The most exciting thing of hacking you learn something new everyday! You will never know everything about everything if that makes sense. Welcome to the world of hackers. What you do with hacking is your choice, all I say is have fun. Its interesting and awesome!


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Welcome to Null-Byte!


Welcome to Null Byte; I hope you've found what you were looking for.

I'd like to be the first to say; well written article. A bit of a tip, if you're going to refer back to an article like you did with your information theft one, it might be good to provide an embeded link.

Traffic in Null Byte may be slow at times, but it generally goes through cycles of high and low points. Don't let a low point discourage you, continue posting articles like these and traffic will pick up again soon.


Thank you very much! I love what you have done on this site. I find my self looking through your tutorials and post quite often!


great job bro, specially about the magic portion a lot of newbies are looking for and the facebook scrip-kiddie +1
you got the point

Hacked by Mr_Nakup3nda

Thank you!


That's good, but are you sure the link you gave to the book is not a pirated copy?

I doubt that, since it isn't a VERY old book so that it's copyright would have expired. And I also doubt Wiley giving it away for free.

I don't have the DMCA rights to say that you remove it, but I wouldn't recommend you posting it's link unless you're sure it's a legal copy.

-The Joker

It's ironic that a book about hacking would be pirated, but you can find dozens of other ones online, including the NSA's book "Untangling the web"

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