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Hello all,

I came across a couple of tutorials about hacking. But can someone give me a link to an website which shows alot of methods and explains them quickly? I mean there most be more then SQL injecten and XSS to break into a system (an webserver for example). I know they also use mallware but still.


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why you in such hurry?
hacking is something you dont rush, take everything easy and learn it good it will value more ;)

Im not in a hurry. I am learning a programming language (python to get started). I already understand some internet protocols (TCP, UDP) and i wrote some programs involving those protocols to connect to other programs on the internet. I found SQL injection and XSS and learned them (only so I can prevent them ofcourse). now I want to know about more vulnerabilities so i can study and learn from them.

Ps. I already know HTML but I personaly don't see that as a programming language because it doesn't do much except explaining how to show the webpage.

you are missing the big picture of hacking. You dont just stumble upon a method, you find the vulnerability and exploit it. Re-search a bit more.

First of all, i am asking this question, so i am already researching..

Second of all, I want to know how to find a vulnerability so i can exploit it. I might made this question unclear, this was my mistake.

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