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can i hack a computer without the victim click on the program , i mean i send him the program first time he click on the program,link what ever and next time i open my virtual machine and i want to hack his system without send him again the program just open his ports and log in his system can i do it??

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You only need one file on his system. If he runs it and you get control, quickly setup persistence, and move the trojan file to the "Startup" folder. That way, when he boots, it will run the trojan and will try and reconnect to you until it makes a connection.

w8 are you saying that you not only should setup persistence, but also move it to the startup folder..?

When you setup persistent doesnt it automatically move the trojan to the startup folder. or do you have to do that manually afterworse.

You don't have to, but that way, you don't have to wait for the victim to open the file again.

No, you need to use the commands to move it to the startup folder.

can you tell me which commands i should use, if I want to move the trojan over to the startup folder?

You can either get into the shell, or use the Meterpreter commands. It's pretty self explanatory. If you in the shell, move <path to trojan> C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

That will move the trojan to the startup folder for all users. The path could be C:\Users\victimPC\Downloads\trojan.exe.

If you move the file to the startup folder, you don't have to use the persistence module anymore right (assuming the process won't be killed)?

Using persistence hasn't worked for me in the past, because most times anti-virus detects the movement of the .dll files as malicious.

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