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Sorry but don't think me wrong that I am asking a stupid question but I want to know how to pentest specific website.I want to learn for testing my own website.just I want to learn for educational purpose. plz give me a good help,thank you.

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The first thing you have to do is a recon on the target. If the target is a website you should recollect client-side and server-side information. NetCraft is a useful tool to recollect this type of information.

If you are trying to find vulnerabilities on your own website with a local web server, you can use nikto.

Thank you so much JAKO and I want to ask another question if I found vulnerability then can I patch it and how can I patch.

There's a good tutorial on nikto by OTW here . When you have the OSVDB reference, simply search for a patch.

Thank you JAKO I learnt about all these but I want to ask last question So I got the vulnerability of a website then how can I hack it.don't think me wrong I am not doing these for illegal purpose.

That's the information explained in OTW's tutorial. Go to with the OSVDB number reference, you will find what you need there.

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