Forum Thread: Hacking a Secured Server Like Facebook?

How would it be done? What programs would be used to recover the passwords and emails even if encrypted, would it be possible to mass DDOS to lower security, but even after that how would you go?

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nothing is impossible in this world nothing but mate you cant do none of them with fb

ofc there are many bugs getting exploits every mounth but they are not that huge one plus even tho some one would know they are not gonna tell you or go scream every where that they found bug on fb

so mind your before asking such question.

Regarding the DDOS, I doubt. With the recent case of the Great Cannon, you would probably required even or more power than that today. An amount of traffic that only huge organization may even try to handle.

About exploiting Facebook servers, nobody can tell. Of course it wouldn't be as easy as sinking an OS, due to the fact that the comunication itself is encrypted and you have very little or no space to act on the web requests that you can craft. Such an organization must have bleeding edge security, never stopping controls and flawless incident response.

However, YouTube latest hack and Ashley Madison leak are the proof that on the internet, you can't predict anything.

Like, anything.

I roll wit CiUFFY on this one..

You start blasting away with UDP cannons, pretty sure : Connection Terminated! You have been logged attempting to steal my cookies. Sending the Cookie Monster Now!

Could of DRDoS off Bit Torrent nodes... (Slowly putting light to my secret stash)
Welcome to the UDP world. Sadly?, they patched BT Blasting last week.
Monkeys wear slippers and red dinner jackets??!!..

Do we have archive images for the Cookie Monster?
Oh, monkeys, I know right? Mind blowing.

BTW M2M Threat Intel Platforms are looking for you and your posts...

I'm gonna take note of that, ah, thanks!
Still working on something else ;-)

Makes sense but I would think somthing like MASS couple thousand Computer DDOS would lower security and leave invulnrabilities, but even after that what program would you use Togo to the next step, like When your hacking a small server on a redneck website what programs would you use and how would you execute it to get data

I guess you want to make another example.
It's not a shield which slowly rips apart if you hit it hard.

Websites that can't handle the traffic just go down until they can prevent further attacks, so that yoyu can't access them. Software diesn't brake if you DDOS it, it just doesn't respond. You want it to work to compromise it.

I know almost nothing of how to compromise information from a server after lowering its security, need help with that :D

Only heard about NITO

UDP attacks? First time I've hear of those, how do they work?

I'm just curious on how to extract information from a server, such as passwords, even a very light server filled with invulnrabilities such as a self made forum, like steps

Sounds like you need to set up a test lab and get to work learning the craft. OTW has posts on setting up and training, or Im sure people here can help you out. You need some Vuln ISO.s to practice with.

Alright thanks man :D gonna check him out

No worries, just remember to keep your arms and legs inside the ride until it has come to a complete stop and then exit to the left.

Thanks guys really helped.

I'm loving the awesome idea generation in the comment section!

We should also keep in mind that social engineering is a huge success in many major hacks. Take for instance the 4chan redirection hack.

The attackers called many different corporations, netflix, amazon, etc. giving little pieces of information about an individual to reset their password, and finding out more information through their account.

Once they gathered enough information about the DNS owner, they were then able to redirect the 4chan website to their twitter page. It required no searching for exploits or bugs.

Hope this helps!

  • Cameron

That's extremly smart, can you also grab the persons ip and trace it and than filter out white pages with the zip code and the name, get their phone number and than sms spoof, or send a RAT?

Because facebook sends the reset code through the phone

Fairly vague, but I'll do my best. There's many ways to carry out a hack. In this scenario, reconnaissance is critical, as it is with near every hack.

A mass DDoS is just referred to as a DDoS; it simply means you're using many computers, usually part of a botnet, to deny anyone from trying to connect to the servers. A DoS uses just a single machine.

Furthermore, a DoS attack doesn't really lower security per sé. It's just overloading the servers with so much information that they can no longer cope. Think of a DoS like trying to enter a shop, and there's just someone standing in the doorway not allowing you to get through. That's really all it is.


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