Forum Thread: How Hacking Team Hacked Flash

(Check my last discussion to see what I am fully talking about.)

The exploit can affect Adobe Flash Player 9 and or later, and that Chrome, Firefox and Safari are all currently affected.

Now... HackingTeam has a POC, in this POC they contain a ReadMe file. In this ReadMe file it says how they exploited said vulnerability. Supposedly, it is a ByteArray User-after-User exploit. (If you want to know how this said vulnerability can be exploited, put it in comments and I will try to thoroughly put how to exploit.)

After you trigger the User-After-User vulnerability, it corrupts the current target. It is a quite complex attack to be honest, but can be described easily if known how to be done.

Now, this method also bypasses Control Flow Guard by overwriting a static function code address. But that is for another time...

In my last post, I mentioned they patched one of the vulnerabilities but forgot to put the CVE. The CVE is: CVE-2015-0349.

That is all for now! I will now be making a post about the Windows exploit.

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5 Responses

Do you mean the use-after-free?

Doesn't surprise me, Flash has issues, thus why I don't have it installed.

Of course we want to know how to exploit it! ;)

please put the tutorial how to use this exploit and also RCSAndroid from hacking team tools.... i will really appreciate ur help

m a keen learner and will always be a learner so let the knowledge come to me ... :)
and thanks for such a wonderful forum

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