Forum Thread: How the Hacking Team Was Hacked

I come across this today and thought I should share with the community. It's very descriptive and contains a lot of useful information for green horns like myself. Enjoy

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This just goes to show how important hacking is in our digital world.

And how very, very, very important reconnaissance and information gathering is; a big reason he was able to carry out this successful hack is because he was slow, methodical, and had a lot of information about his target.


Awesome, thanks for sharing

I love reading these. I feel I learn so much. How does one find more and future links?

I love reading things like this. Unfortunately, a good majority of these write-ups either never get written (Due to OpSec reasons, or because ain't nobody got foh dat) or they do, but are only posted in highly secured underground forums, data stores, etc.

It's due to detailed write-ups like these that I believe it is critical that even white-hats should be involved in underground, possibly criminal, communication structures in order to truly be in-the-loop about current malicious activities.

With this knowledge, white-hatters and auditors can more efficiently pentest and defend client networks and applications.

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That was one hell of an interesting read. Thanks for the link, Lulu.

Thanks for the share. I learned so much from this, keep sharing such articles.


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