Forum Thread: Hacking. Waste of Talent?!

Hey, I bet most of us have been here for quite some time and we should or have acquired some skills, but then do you ever feel like you wasting your skills? I mean what do you use your hacking for?

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it doesnt hurt to learn or teach skill are never wasted if properly maintained good night

Every government is looking for hackers for cyber rspionagr and cyber war. Security firms can't get enough good pentesters.

Yeah, I completely get it all with the government and all...but then you gotta be pretty old and have a pretty good know?! But then, like you know what Elliot does in Mr. being a vigilante hacker...that will be pretty cool but then picking a target and hacking the target..

You need to remember that hacking is not just about offensive attacking. Once you know how to hack you know how to defend. This can give you an edge when it comes to network administration and several other security positions.

Thanks a lot guys, You have been super helpful... :)

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