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Now i know that hacking websites is illegal.But i find many websites that scam people .. for example a website that tells you that you make $500 per hour and all those lies..they just wanna steal people's money from credit card.So is it illegal to take down those type of websites?The harmful ones?

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It is illegal to tamper with other people's property (e.g. websites). Taking anything down is against the law in most countries, whether or not they are harmful. You could report the websites to interpol or to an authority that can take them down, however taking matters into your own hands it out of bounds, especially if you are a regular citizen.


but what about anonymous taking down child porn?wasn't that illegal?

Anonymous isn't someone to take as an example. If you wish to follow their path and the general path of hacktivism then go ahead. What they do may be justifiable at times, but it is mostly unlawful.


The thing about anonymous is, well... they are anonymous...
They won't get caught ;)

Yeah that's cool..!!
All of us want be anonymous.! while doing illegal things like hacking.!

You shouldn't lump hacking in the same sentence as "illegal".

Anonymous imo is a unique way of protesting against injustice and giving a normal person the power to "fight back".

The recent crusade against ISIS is probably the best example of ho hacktivism can have good connotations.

As for this post, hacking websites is illegal, even if they are bad sites. You need to contact the authorities and report sites. I mean you could go all vigilante, but that's breaking the law.

ok but let's think let's say i hacked the harmful site down that scams people's credit cards,so they are gonna tell the police that i hacked this scamming website.Like that they get in trouble too

What you need to remember is that you are dealing with criminals here. All the more reason to stay anonymous.

Exactly with criminals,criminals can't rlly track guys with vpns.But the police can have the power of that.

First off, they will pretend to be the victims and say that a hacker defaced their website, making you out to be the criminal here.

Anything the police can do, a criminal can do. It's absurd to say that other people cannot trace VPNs but police can. Depending on the location of the VPN server, police will be able to get information from it.

yes but some countries have nothing to do with others. for example being in uk and using ip from russia or may be impossible to get traced.and the police can check the datas of the site,or if i have proof.

What is your end goal here? To try to prove that proxies are the way to go? Sorry to break it to you but they aren't. But if you want to rely on them, go ahead. Just be mindful that you might receive a knock on the door from the police if you are not careful.


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