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Hello everyone, I have been reading and going to this site for a few months now and I finally joined. I always read great articles in the Grey Hat aspect of this site, and i have been inspired to dive deeper into the culture of hacking and programming. I want to know how to hack, but i do not know where to begin. I am a pretty decent programmer in HTML, and i am beginning to learn how to program in Python and Javascript. I am hoping that someone will be able to show me the basics of hacking, so one day i can do more advanced hacks and post my own How-To's on this site. Thank you people for inspiring me!

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Also find a forum full of hackers. I suppose this one will do, but you may have to move on to others eventually. At minimum take those first 2 .txt's and a PDF (ideally not the first PDF if you only read one). If you need anything else I'll be around and I have plenty of other reading material.

You need a mindset, curiosity, persistence, and a language. The first one can be read about, the second you probably already have, and the last two have to be learned.

Wow, even one link is an overwhelming mass of informations but, i have to say thank you for sharing all this precious informations.. very appreciated!

thanks so much Bird! I bet these sources will help me on my quest, i'll let you know if i need anymore help, thanks!

http: // says"Sorry, but this site available only from Russia" =/

Thanks for letting me know, that link has been replaced with one that goes to the same book, but no longer gives that message. That was a new one.

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