Forum Thread: Hacking Windows 10 (Help)

I've been using metasploit for a while now and have had so much fun. That was until windows 10 came around.

I have had no luck sending any payload to windows 10. When it continually asks for me to open it with a app I have no knowledge on how to bypass this issue.

If any of the great members here have any information to help me get by this nuisance then please leave a comment,

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Could I have a few more details please?? Like which payload, OS , etc..

Sure, I'm on kali linux, I've been trying to bypass anti viruses using veil evasion, or more specifically the python/shell codeinject/aesencrypt payload. As this one I know in the past has worked but now..nothing.

Windows keeps asking me to open it with an application.
Sorry for my ignorance, maybe I'm doing this all wrong.

Try Shellter. Works every time.

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