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Hacking only with the ip

Hello again ,

My name is Mohamed Ahmed ...... in this tutorial that consists of 6 parties i will teach you how to hack all kinds of OS with just the ip . and you will try & judge .

in this part we will start by Windows XP / 2000 / NT because this part is for beginners ....... so let's start .

Necessary things:
1.- Dameware Mini remote control ( )
2.- An IP

Once we have installed the program, and we have the ip of our victim, we will have to consider one thing:

And that has the administrator user without password ... if we stop to think ... who has the administrator with password? advanced users ... and who has it without pass? normal users ... who do we attack? normal users ... hahaha

Well we put the ip in "HOST:" and leave the system of hacking as it is if the victim uses XP, but we change to the other option. How to know if the victim uses XP? because passing a scanner x search ahi .. scaneres d these simple. Well we give him to connect .... if all goes well he will have connected and ask.

The server is not installed on the remote machine ... Do you want to install it? we give Yes and start to install everything remotely the server. and will execute it when this happens, we will have on your screen your desktop and control your mouse, keyboard ... etc .. just like VNC but without physical access to the PC

Mohamed Ahmed

5 Responses

nobody uses these old os'

i know i just started it from the bottom
i will reach to linux :)
don't worry

how about windows 10

we will depend on a private 0-day in latest win 10 update.

dude r u still alive?

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