Forum Thread: "Hacking" with Physical Access

What is the best way to gain remote control (es. access to files, use a keylogger ecc) of a Windows pc if we have physical access? Imagine physical access for a small period of time, like 30sec-1min, es. insert a USB, double click on something, then unplug the usb. How can we do it? I know there are so-called "trojan" but they are often detected by antivirus programs.

And what if instead of a windows pc we have a Mac?

Probably this is a stupid question but i'm noob in this things, i'm here to learn. Many article here speak about remote access whitout physical access, but i think also the simple case of a physical access is interesting to start.

Thanks to who will respond and sorry for my bad english.

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Buy an rubber ducky or make your OWN/

A rubber ducky would activate as soon as you put it in, but if you wanted an easier way, just use something like veil-evasion to generate an encrypted payload that would bypass antiviruses. Just put it on a flash drive, open the file, and you have a Meterpreter. You would own that system.

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