Forum Thread: Hacking with SET (Social Engineering Toolkit) Security While Using It. Ques!

Hey Guys,

I am quite a noob in hacking and I am having some questions in my mind.
kali linux

Ques no.1 Is there need to change MAC address of the pc while using SET (Social Engineering Toolkit)
or other programs like sniffers, exploiters & bla bla bla........................

Ques no.2 Can i hack someone's facebook or gmail account who is far from me and not in my network
i mean we are not connected to same wifi or hotspot

Tips will also be highly appreciated. thanks

2 Responses

1) no need to do that in most cases

2) yes you can hack facebook with setoolkit outside of your network. just open port 80 in your router, shorten the link in or whatever, and send the link to your victim or do dns hijacking on some routers out there to redirect them to your ip address. Watch this

and this

and this

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