Forum Thread: Hacking with Windows (Hypothetical)

I saw a recent post asking how to hack with windows, to which (no surprise) people instead recommended using kali. I'll admit, Windows is not the optical hacking system, mainly because it was not even designed for that. However, in my current position irl, I cannot exactly shred my (school) OS and replace it, since that is generally frowned upon in that professional establishment.

So what should someone do when their PC has all of its external ports blocked, unable to install a new OS, and are confined to Windows?

(Post any scattered thoughts below. This is merely hypothetical.)

I just use security and permission flaws that come with downloading new programs.

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Buy a new PC and install Kali?

Use a bootable kali drive, or a trojan on a USB? (to hack other comps ofc not the windows confined comp)

The trust is, there's really nothing to give for Windows. Cain & Abel is the first thing that comes to mind, and Metasploit, but both of those aren't good with Windows.

(Off Topic)
Elcomsofts password cracking suite beats anything on Kali as far as cracking goes. Windows has a few good tools.

Windows is great at hacking itself. Microsoft makes the best tools for taking down one of their boxes.

Cain was the first tool I saw on windows back in the day.

As Someone_Random said; run it via USB. School techs generally aren't that skilled so I figure they wouldn't be able to lock you out of the BIOS.


...or they wouldn't even think of doing that in the first place. ;)

Run it via USB live, or make it boot from network, if you know how.

Or, if neither of those are possiblle, try using Virtualbox or VMWare to get it running. You'll need an external wireless adapter for wifi cracking, but meh, you'd probably need it anyways.

Right now I use a virtual box which handily gives me access to command prompt. Again, this is just a discussion. :)
I tried installing kali via usb but it would not finish properly.

rent a VPS and install what you want from the Kali repository, then SSH in and run the commands.

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