Forum Thread: Hacking Without Any Trace

Hello guys i have a question about that.
Ok let me start:
Let's say i do a malware,I make the payload for the meterpreter.

But when i do it i use my public ip.Can you guys tell me to make a way so it won't get traced,like using vpns or proxies sth like that.I heard that some use DNS.If you know the best way i would appreciate some help.

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There are many extensive posts on the subject here, search and you will find...

But basically some combination of VPN/s or proxies coupled with tor seems to be the base of most setups here and else were, VPN-TOR-VPN fx. but there is a lot more to anonymity than that, and the potential to fuck up is great, ipv6, MAC, dns leaks, cookies etc. etc.

So you have to take the time to understand what you need to configure and how, if you can't wait, then a computer not traceable to you ,used at public wifi hotspot, wile making sure no cameras are around would probably do the trick, if you dont hang around for long that is.

Hope it helps

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