Forum Thread: Hacknet Complete Game Released on Steam

Link on Steam Store: Store

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Looks interesting.

better wait for the pirated version. i'm totally gonna play this

How could u not want to support these guys, save TPB for EA or these other companies that already have enough money :p

Yup :D I was actually just about to go and buy that lol.

That was awesome.
Cool design.
But I am using Tiny core Linux,I don't think that i can play it.
Hope you have a nice day.

I am defiantly going to give it a shot

This looks like it could have a really cool story with the game, I'll check it out.


Turns out, it's extremely easy lol xD

I wondered when someone would say that lol

Aren't all games though? I don't even get that much of a challenge from Dark Souls let alone random indie games.



I found the quest with Naix pretty funny where you had to use the cli, really was a bit more realistic linux action then these obnoxious tools called "porthack" which hack by making geometrical figures spin around randomly, lol.

Also they have some Major Leage IDS right there reminds me of NCIS

Were they seriously using the same keyboard to type commands into nothing?


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