Forum Thread: How to Hacknet in Real Life!

I just came across this game called Hacknet that released in August 13, 2015. Ive played till the second mission and i was curious as to "if i was a real hacker trying to accomplish the tasks that I see within the game how would i go about doing it?" Since I'm sure many others have wondered this I'm going to post for Educational Purposes only on how a real life hacker would complete these tasks in the real world for those who are curious just as i was!

What You Should Know

  1. The commands that you type are generally based on real Linux commands. Commands like

cd ..

and more... are all real basic Linux commands. The port numbers in the game, such as SSH on 22, are all proper, but beyond that, the game isn't realistic anymore. no hack is that fast and simple.

  1. All information/guides given in these Threads are done in Kali Linux!
  1. All Software shown throughout this guide will be FREE!
  1. This Thread is to be used like a Home Page. Here are all of the links to the posts that I have written for easy access to useful information!
  1. I will try my absolute best to keep all information within this series new! Therefore things that are 2014 and above will be given as sources for you to view.

Mission 1- Tutorial

Mission 2

Coming soon

Mission 3

Coming soon

3 Responses

Sounds like a great series, I'm excited to see how this goes

Thank you very much! This is my first time creating something like this. Your support means alot!

Good job, this is indeed intriguing. Count me in!

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