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I'm working on a few scripts in Python, nothing big really, but I'm working on them. They are part of a bigger script that summons the little ones together. (I'll explain later when I actually release the whole thing here on Null-Byte but right now I don't want to give too much away.)

There's an option in the program to send feedback to the author. When I wrote that feedback script, I left out the send feedback function and just did print "function(send)" just to remind myself to fill it in later when I figure it out. "Figure out what?" you say. Hold on, I'll explain myself.

In the feedback 'app' (that's what I'll call it) it basically just asks the user to type whatever they want to say to the author, whether it is reporting bugs or suggesting new features, etc. in an email format. Meaning that they can type all they like, any characters, new paragraphs, all until they enter a dot on a new line, which will then place what they've written into a string named text and that is where I am stuck. I have no clue how to handle this text string of user input.

If the user decides to write up an essay on how they loved using the scripts or if they detail a huge complaint, I need to be able to see what they've typed, since it is after all a feedback application. What I need is help from our lovely community. I would love some ideas and thoughts on this. How would I go about taking what the user has typed in the feedback app and sending it to myself?

I have thought about email, but I'm not trying to make an email client, so that is not an option. Anyway, let's see what this place can come up with and if you guys (and girls) can help me with my dilemma.

Thanks for reading

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That would mean I have to have an FTP server running 24/7 which is not what I want. I want something else to handle the data that arrives, something that doesn't require anything full-time from me, including any servers. Thanks for the contribution though.

A free server which hosts FTP.

Free servers... you're living in a fantasy world. I would love a free server, you'd have no idea how many uses I have for one.

There are plenty of free hosting servers which support FTP though they are pretty dodgy, but whatever you wanna believe, fantasy or not, it's not of my concern.

Exactly, plenty of services that claim to be free are also dodgy, which is why I should not use such services, especially when the target users for my tool are Null-Bytians. I want to use something reliable, something I could go back to using any time without taking up too many resources.

hostinger, they give you free ftp accounts and they are legit I've got an account with them. You cant just sign up for FTP though, it's for web hosting but you get 2 free FTP accounts.

Migrate it to github.

My project is up on Github. Do you mean submit feedback through the issue submit form on Github? That would mean each user needs an account on the website, and we both know that won't work.

I have resolved my issue. I decided to create a account through which the feedback script will post. Once it has been published, it will show up on the My Pastes page for me to see everything.

Now I need to figure out how to translate all of this into Python code. I think I might just ask StackOverflow.

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