Forum Thread: Handshake Bruteforce on Different PC

I am running kali on my laptop and have captured a wpa2 handshake. The laptop has a slow gpu, is there a way i can run the bruteforce attack on my nvidia gpu in my tower (preferably on windows)?

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4 Responses

I think Bruteforcing on Win isn't a good idea.

You could just try to dual boot Win and Kali on your nvidia tower

Just transfer the .cap to the tower.

Have you tried to install the drivers for the GPU yet? You can run cudacat/oclhashcat against it then. CAL++ For AMD and Cuda Toolkit for Nvidia.

As far as W1nd0z3: Why? You need pyrit and cowpatty. (Don't You?)

Use the Live Kali, Plus a Localized Wordlist.

Would'nt I have to install nvidia drivers every time i reboot on a live build?

Make a persistent USB install, it wont need it then.

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