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Hello Null Byte Community,

I would first like to start off by saying I am very sad to hear that Master OTW has had to leave us and that I would love to hear if he has been hanging around another forum to keep gaining his wisdom. Now back to Hard Drive Encryption I like I'm sure most of you do encrypt all of my drives with what I presume to be very strong passwords but given enough time everyone knows any password can be cracked. I was thinking what if you created an encryption program that would have a key that would decrypt your drive and then another key that would do a massive data wipe. So basically taking GNU Privacy Guard and combining it with Boot and Nuke. My thoughts would be you could "hide" the key that would destroy the data so that if your hard rive were seized by say the FBI they would find that key and destroy all of your data in an attempt to decrypt the drive. I hope that I didn't make this concept more confusing than it is. Please let me know your thoughts on this and if I just didn't do enough research and there is already a program like this out there.

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A data wiping password isn't as useful as you think. an organization with the resources of the FBI could simply clone your encrypted drive and if they got one of the passwords that wiped your drive they would just restore it with the backed up data and start again. Now as for passwords there is such a thing as a password that cannot be cracked (in a practical sense) meaning that with our current technology the amount of time it would take to guess it would be longer than the lifespan of the universe.

choose a decent algorithm and a complex key that you change regularly and you'll be good to go.

also no offense but calling him "Master OTW" makes me cringe in ways I cannot describe >.<

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