Forum Thread: Has Someone Done This Already?

why hasn't someone come up with a small device with preloaded tools and a super massive dictionary that would hook up your laptop, etc. and act as a wifi receiver with injection capabilities that automatically tries everything that is programed into it to crack the wifi password? it could even be weather-proof and solar powered so that one could drop it in a conveniently hidden location, gather tons of packet data, and cracks the password. that way, you could set it a close as possible to the victim AP. check back up on it in a few months or so, take it home, open the weatherproof casing up, remove the SD card, flash drive, etc. and grab the results. optimally, the results would be the entire password(s). if not, it would contain a hash or something as close to the revealed password as possible... anyways, just a suggestion to any Arduino people out there that knows about hacking.

p.s. an exception list of APs that it should not try to crack should be integrated into the program

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Sounds like a variation on the transparency grenade. I wouldn't be surprised if there's an Arduino project that does something similar.

wow, that is evily delicious

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