Forum Thread: Hashcat 24m??

So when I was using bruteforce with aircrack... I was getting like 3000 keys per second...
But when I used hascat to bruteforce... im getting 24 million words per second?? Is it even possible lol??
But it still says estimated 10 years to test all 10 letter passwords... all numbers small and big letters lol

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If I'm doing my math right (10 #s + 26 lower + 26 upper)^10 then you would have 839,299,365,868,340,224 possible password combinations.

Might help to post a screenshot. The hashcat speeds can be confusing, especially since they're different between hashcat vs. oclhashcat.

But as an FYI, pure brute forcing a WPA hash is never going to get you anywhere. WPA/WPA2 is one of the most computationally-intensive hashes to crack. This means that your computer has to work harder to test each potential password, slowing down the whole process.

You'd also be surprised how many people never change the default password -- which is good for us in many contexts, but not for wireless. Newer routers have default passwords of 12+ and are a random jumble of letters and symbols. No one is going to crack that (unless maybe they have some sort of massive GPU farm).

But I saw some statuses by pressing enter... it was actually 24 million per sec... and not ocl... its just normal hashcat... im going to get oclhascat and see how much I get on that....

Just one thing im worried about... dies this speed affect my pc?? Like slow it down even after restart or damage to hardware or such? ?

Well, the fastest WPA speed posted in the ocl benchmarks is 2233 kH/s, which is 2,233,000 tries per second. So I doubt you are getting 12 times that much. (We are talking about WPA/WPA2 hashes, right? Because 24 M/s is definitely possible with other hash types.)

If you plan on leaving hashcat running for days and days and days, yes it will probably shorten the lifespan of your computer.

When using Hashcat, your computer should be fine as long as its fan and cooling system are adequately working. If you overheat, your computer should shut itself down automatically.

When using oclHashcat, you want to watch out for overclocking your GPU. This shouldn't be a problem because oclHashcat has checks built in to watch out for this, but if you're still getting too hot you can customize the threshold.

In speed per sec... it says -- something, 24.56 M words... it does any and all number till 9 digits in a minute.. and yea its wpa/wpa2

How to see if my computer is getting ovwrheated and what is the limit??

Can you post the command you used? And a screenshot of the status (or copy and paste it)

hashcat -m 2500 --pw-min=8 -a 3 '/root/hack-01.cap' -n 512 -1 ?l?d ?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1
Initializing hashcat v0.49 with 512 threads and 32mb segment-size...

Skipping file: (null) (invalid eapol size)
Added hashes from file /root/hack-01.cap: 0 (0 salts)

NOTE: press enter for status-screen

Input.Mode: Mask (?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1) 8
Index.....: 0/1 (segment), 2821109907456 (words), 0 (bytes)
Recovered.: 0/0 hashes, 0/0 salts
Speed/sec.: - plains, 25.75M words
Progress..: 18096752/2821109907456 (0.00%)
Running...: --:--:--:--
Estimated.: 01:06:26:15

Input.Mode: Mask (?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1) 8
Index.....: 0/1 (segment), 2821109907456 (words), 0 (bytes)
Recovered.: 0/0 hashes, 0/0 salts
Speed/sec.: - plains, 26.73M words
Progress..: 51820968/2821109907456 (0.00%)
Running...: 00:00:00:01
Estimated.: 01:05:18:45

^CTo restore Session use Parameter -s

Also... experienced a little lag at start when i started my laptop...

Ah, ok. You're using an invalid cap file, so hashcat wasn't actually trying to crack anything.

I'm guessing that the "work" it's doing is just generating character combinations, kind of like if you ran crunch with the same configuration.

You need to convert the pcap/cap file to an .hccap file. You can do this by uploading it here, but I suggest you do it manually and clean it first.

From Kali, first run this:
wpaclean hack-01.cap cleanhack-01.cap

(Note that the order is reversed: current file name first, then new file name)

Then run this on the clean cap file:
aircrack-ng cleanhack-01.cap -J newhack-01.hccap

(make sure you use a capital "J")

To monitor your temperature, you'll have to install software. There are lots of free programs to do it, but I've never used one so I can't recommend any. Here's a list, though. The only one I've heard of before is SpeedFan:

Generally you don't want your CPU to run above 60C for long periods of time, but each CPU has different guidelines. You should be able to look yours up here:

Whatif I use oclhashcat and thus use my gpu??

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