Forum Thread: I Have an Android Tablet, Any Advice on Customising It for Pen Testing?

Hi peeps, I'm looking to convert my tablet into a pen testing device if possible and was looking for some pointers on how to get started eg: rooting the tablet and installing the tools needed, any security issues i need to be aware of, should i format the device beforehand, etc

Many thanks in advance, cheers


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Would unlocking my bootloader and using a flash ROM be a better option?

The tablet is a Quad core A31series processor.
Kernel 3.3.0 Tue Mar 25 2014.

You can use a custom rom... or for easy... just root your device and install kali or any other os... youre good to go..

Give a look at this, this, this, and of course XDA developers forums.

1) Root your Tab
2) Install "Linux Deploy" from play store
3) Download Kali ARM image from the Kali site
4) Install the image using Linux Deploy (Instructions on the Linux Deploy for forum)

Or you could just instal Desploit or Zanti

Dsploit sounds interesting, can i use proxychains and tor with it?

Dsploit has been merged with Zanti.

I don't think there's an easy way to do that. Not worth the effort probably, all those features are included in the Kali repos.

Thanks everyone, the tablet has root access now and I have installed Linux deploy as recommended here and in the article on null bytes. Cheers!

Dsploit is very easier... but limited...
Kali you can do anything... ;);)

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