Forum Thread: Have I Been Hacked?

I recently created a post asking if it was possible to be hacked using an IP address after someone admited to hacking my MacBook and my iPhone 5 to retreive email, imessages, etc. :

I have discovered some of the following activity/data files on my iPhone after looking at Settings>Privacy>Diagnostics & Usage> Diagnostics & Usage Data

There are many more data files and information I can provide.

The most suspicious data entry I found was:

1) How do I know if I have been and hacked?
2) How can I find out if my MacBook has also been hacked?
3) What steps do I take now to protect my information?
4) Am I able to trace information back to the hacker?

Also, I noticed my iPhone getting really hot. Is that a sign someone maybe accessing it remotely?

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