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So hello, I'm pretty much starting with the use of Kali linux but as part of my experience learning the use of this environment I managed to find my friend's Ip through WireShark and then he also verified it. (Until everything works fine) Then I searched for a few sites that would launch a DDos attack on his ip Xd and finally I ran a synflood attack on his IP site and as I expected it all worked.

(For those who are interested in the website: ip stresser) and finally because the site is being used after payment I decided to try to do it alone using msfconsole (msf> use auxiliary / dos / tcp / synflood)

I changed the rhost to his ip I activated the attack and all that happened was that the Internet in my house was completely turned off. And after I stopped the attack a few minutes after the internet came back ...

I tried to look for some solutions and saw that my firewall block before I went into Vmware would help me.
And it did not work ...
I'm trying to find solutions for what I can do with the ip of friends or users through the Kali linux
I would be very happy if you help me solve the problem:
Thx: TheGever.

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U have his IP try to gather information about the system using nmap or use ncat.

Ncat would be pretty damn slow going if it's your only recon tool.

Stop DDoSing. It won't help you.
Get familiar with nmap, tools that aren't msfconsole, etc. etc.

Find a way to get INTO the system, exfiltrate any juicy loot, and then, if you still want to DoS, do it in a more permanent way by deleting System32 and/or deleting the Master Boot Record, or formatting the harddrive, or changing his passwords, or creating a script that turns on Airplane mode back on every 2 seconds so he can't get on the Internet. The possibilities are endless.

Oh, and in general, stop being such a skid.

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