Forum Thread: Have Physical Access, Need to Leave Doors Open

there is this computer that I have physical access to. it runs windows 7, has firewall and AV.

I am looking to leave a door open, so that i can later remotely have access, mainly take screenshots or if possible watch screen realtime.

questions are -
How would you go about this?
What's fastest/most fool proof way to deliver payload? (are rubber duckies found by AVs?)
what kind of programs would I need to be able to see screencaptures (real time or close to it)?

thanks a lot for the help

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didnt mean through their webcam, but watch their activity (screen) real time. its basically a bit faster than screenshot, so you dont have to script it for intervalls or do manual every time u want the screen

Well, I'm flattered.


I would recommend a RAT for that, however I dont know a RAT that has the feature to watch real time on their screen.

So my advice for that would be to create your own RAT but that requires a good knowledge in coding skills, but i dont know you, so you might be a good coding dude.

good luck

Actually, meterpreter should have everything it takes. He could load a vnc dll to start a vnc session with almost no coding skills.

Phisycal access would help in setting an exception in AV and firewall to make the code pass thru without questioning.

Real time desktop would be very bandwidth consuming tho... so expect lag and possibly detection due to high network usage.

The firewall usually doesn't block outgoing connections, so as long as a reverse connection is used the firewall shouldn't be an issue.


True that, but given that he wants this for later use, it might be annoying, if not suspicios, having lots or connection retrys to a listener that might be not always online. A listener has the hassle to set up port forwarding, but this should not be an issue if you have local access.

good points, thanks.

bandwith usage shouldnt be an issue, but with real time i meant something like a lowres screenshot every 15seconds, don't need live stream.

meterpreter is a good pointer, I'll look into the options with it. Thanks again!

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