Forum Thread: I Have a Question with reverse_tcp and Meterpreter.

So I have installed the reverse_tcp on the victim computer and he/she has ran the program ex test1.exe. So how would I know or find out that they had ran the program before I setup the listener. Ex victim:"I am going to run safe.exe " click : 10-5-18 5:50 PM

Attacker: "ok so has someone ran my safe.exe file " starts the listener 10-6-18 7PM.
No sessions

END. Incase you missed someone ran my reverse tcp program 1 day ago how will I know they ran it or do I have to keep it opened 24:7 to know if someone opened it. Thanks for the help in advanced if you dont know what I am asking ask and I will do my best to help you to try to help me btw I the listner is meterpreter metasploit

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You will need to open the listener before your victims runs the payload. Having said that, I am fairly sure that the newer versions of Metasploit made it so the their payloads auto-reconnect every 10 seconds or something, so even if you start the listener after your victim opens your payload, you should still be able to get in the session.

Thank you everybody for helping me I really appreciate it

Just run the listener and wait.

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